Natasha Caruana

Love Bomb, charts evidence of Love and Hate through a series of still lives constructed and informed by sourcery, chemistry and psychotherapy. The photographic work is a response to the breakup of relationship and metaphorical investigation of the links between the two emotions on wider scale. Restlessly the artist documents her attempts to stay in love, searching for love potionson the internet then making and photographing them in her studio. Interspersed amongst these attempts is the documentation of her self-destruction these are depicted through the collecting, making and documentation of bombs.

Countless stories of love, heartbreak, violence and even murder appear in the media daily. Love and hate both exist within our culture and relationships and in fact this balancing act arises from our own biological make up. Scientists studying the physical nature of hate, have observed how our brains neurons display similar activity during the feeling of romantic love and when experiencing emotions of hate.

The series expands around a central metaphor; love potions and bombs, pairing point and shoot images with text detailing the ingredients of each concoction.