Natasha Caruana

The Married Man - Bar italia

Natasha Caruana is an artist who works primarily with photography and sound, and whose work makes use of performative strategies to engage groups.

Her work begins with the investigation of subjectivity, and most often takes the form of research projects working with groups or communities to explore the ties or breaches between their members, and their place in society as a whole.

Her approach might be described as ethnographic – as she acts as a participant-observer using the camera lens. ‘Married Man’, involved conducting 80 ‘interviews’ with men seeking extra-marital affairs, to elicit their motivations and intentions. More specifically, her modus operandi might be described as creating counter-representations of groups, which are able to be convincingly precise having worked closely with them. The representations sometimes run counter to the group’s collective self-image and self-description; at other times they run counter to widely shared stereotypes.