Natasha Caruana

June 2016

21.06.16 - Exhibition


Musée Nicéphore Niépce

The Eye of The Expert 

'The Niepce Museum presents here Contemporary Photography, in opposition to the art market and to institutionalize it. The experts are all these photographers who continue to make images in a world saturated image in questioning constantly practice. This is a selection of photographs exhibited at the Museum Niepce past 20 years. Support for French and international creation, home residences, corpora of works able to give a complete picture of the career of an artist, print production under the direction of the photographers, the choice of the museum allowed in nearly 20 years to open its collections to reflect on the world and on the photographic medium through the eye artists expert.'

18th June - 18th September

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21.06.16 - Review



There goes the Bride 

'One chooses black square, another a white one, there are ellipses and emoticons and more, creating a bizarre tribe of spastic gestures, a band of deleted nothings, identity concealed victims of an unknown disaster.'

by Galia Yahav