Natasha Caruana

17.05.15 - Showing at Tate Liverpool with Birthday vibes

I've just spent a super birthday weekend in Liverpool to formally open the photo festival LOOK/15:EXCHANGE. My new work 'At First Sight' was screened as part of an audio-visual presentation alongside sound compositions from none other than Liverpool’s DJ Yousef.

Celebrating contemporary female photography, Anna Fox story-boarded the work of several contemporary female photographers into a Gothic/Baroque installation in the Tate foyer. Across multiple screens the narrative played out - emotionally and visually – to a crowded and buzzing room. The images were screened to a live soundscape by international DJ Yousef.

I personally thought it was a very interesting and original way to display photography, particularly as part of an opening event. There was a collective style across all the exhibitors’ work and through Anna’s transitions; including flashing, blurring and overlapping all the female photographers works moved seamlessly between into one another, whilst still feeling distinct.

Follow this we headed to the after show party ‘Disco Glitter Love’ at Constellations to hit the dance floor. Happy Birthday to me!