Natasha Caruana

10.12.13 - Art in Sunderland!

The Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art is a very special place. It presents changing exhibitions of new work by artists from around the world. The gallery lives above the Sunderland town library - so literally everyday it brings new art to new audiences! 

"It offers opportunities to emerging and established artists to present work at critical points in their careers and audiences the chance to see the stars of tomorrow today" This is so TRUE! The director Alistair Robinson has been an incredible champion of my work since he saw my work-in-process show at the RCA. 

As part of the North East Photography Festival my work 'Fairytale for Sale' is in 'YOU ARE THE COMPANY IN WHICH YOU KEEP'. It was a real joy to show the complete series all 202 images together for the first time. 


The exhibition reveals the diverse ways in which photographers and artists using lens-based media have created images that map out our new social networks - observing the patterns of which structure our social existence, or forecasting what the twenty-first century has yet to bring. Many of the artists might be described as working in anthropological or ethnographic ways, observing how our experience of the world is mediated through camera lens, and asking how far photographic images structure our imagination. They ask: in the twenty-first century, are images the means by which we are socialised, and the means by which we can know ourselves? Do the images that we consume and internalise become the imaginative materials that we are made of?